Sunday, 30 January 2011

Free fudge surfing skirt for Australia stardoll

type and hit go:
login and paste
leave the proxy and go to normal 
it will be a gift in your suite


  1. I know a cheat, Well, A way to get a cheat.
    My friend Is going to give away her SS, Royalty account with 4000 stardollars, all rooms with 60+ items, about 10,000 starcoins and 5620 starpoints.
    She will only give it away IF:

    She recieves 100 gifts.
    She has 100 friends.
    She has 100 messages.
    She has 100 scenery votes.

    IF This happens, She WILL Give it away, AND a cheat for 2,000 starcoins.

    She knows almost ever cheat, But only gives away some. Her 2nd Account, AppleBerri is the one you have to:


    If she gets 200 friends and good gifts, she will
    give out the cheat to be a superstar free, The link to another 200 starcoins AND the cheat to get 12 free dresses.

    My account is LePetrova, Add me if you want, Im not that good because I have a better account as well :)Hope you have fun.

  2. i think there is no cheats i tried them all

  3. thats so awesome! NOTT! who would ever say that thats so not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give us a reason why we shuold do all that for only one person!

  4. What does it look like? -_-