Sunday, 30 January 2011

Free Rapunzel Tangled Dress

Tangled Hair Match & Stardoll



This dress is pretty simple to get.. if you live in the UK. Just go to the Tangled page on Facebook and click the like button. You will then need to play the 3 rounds of Hair Matching Game and at the end you will receive a link to get the dress. (If you don't have facebook you could always make a fake one, it wouldn't take long :D)

If you are not in the UK you will have to use a manual proxy and then follow the same steps.
USD have suggested the following 2: with port 80 or with port 80
(click HERE if you need help setting one up)

If anyone is struggling to get it and needs help feel free to ask in my guestbook. It's easy for me since I live in the UK.

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